1. Spray Adiabatic System

    Refrion launch their Adiabatic Spray System.

  2. Oval Tube Coils

    In 2005 after extensive theoretical calculations and testing, Refrion launch their Oval Tube technology for their range of dry/adiabatic coolers.

    Refrion own the patent to the technology and oval tubes are offered as an alternative to standard round tubes to increase thermal performance of a dry cooler coil, lower fan power consumption and sound levels, and thus increase the overall efficiency of a dry or adiabatic cooler.

  3. Photovoltaic Coolers

  4. Modular Coolers

  5. Shell Manifolds

  6. Microchannel Condensers

  7. Digital Intelliboard

  8. Stainless Steel Coils

  9. Industrial Adiabatic System

    Refrion’s Industrial Pad adiabatic cooling solution was launched in 2011.
    The system incorporates wetted pads positioned upstream of the coils and has the advantages of high adiabatic efficiency, hygienic operation without generating aerosols and fully compliant with VDI 2047 Part 2, whilst operating on standard tap water. The system later become an intrinsic part of Refrion’s innovative Ecooler Technology

  10. High Efficiency Range

  11. Ecooler

    In 2014, Refrion launched it’s unique Ecooler range of adiabatic coolers, developed to maximise free adiabatic cooling whilst consuming minimal energy and water.

  12. Monitoring System

  13. Web Selector

    Refrion’s propietory web selector software launched, capable of precise modelling of unit performance for their entire range of products.

  14. Climatic Chamber

    Refrion open their new Climatic Chamber, the first laboratory in Europe specialising in the testing of dry and adiabatic coolers.