Units designed to meet the increasing demand for free-cooling applications, in a system that optimizes the adiabatic saturation of air, with a water recirculation system and electronically commutated large-diameter fans
Water and power consumption are minimized, resulting in C.O.P. maximization to use “free-cooling” throughout the year.


The frame is designed to be stable and strong; overall dimensions designed for common means of ground transportation.
The fairing is made of hot-dip galvanized steel (DX51D-Z200MC to meet standard EN 10346).
All the internal components are accessible for servicing through the service hatch protected by a safety sensor. If the hatch is opened, the power is completely disconnected and access to the inside of the unit is only possible after the fans have stopped.
All the operations involved in the production of the components are performed before painting, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for the steel against corrosion.
Epoxy powder coating (standard colour: RAL 9002) suitable for medium corrosive environments classified C3 (in accordance with EN 12944-2).
The finned heat exchangers are mounted in parallel along the longitudinal axis of the unit and the side without inlets (U-bends) is protected by a panel fixed to the frame.
The fixings are all stainless steel (AISI 304, available on request: AISI 316).

Heat Exchangers


The heat exchanger is built using OVAL copper tubes arranged in a staggered pitch and high efficiency aluminum fins (standard pitch: 2.1 mm).
The pressure vessel is designed for a PS = 10 bar and a TS = 110 °C in accordance with EC Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Testing was done with dry air.
The baffle plates are made of hot-dip galvanized steel (DX51D-Z200MC in accordance with EN 10346), while the sides are made of aluminum (alloy 1050-H24 in accordance with EN 573-3) to prevent damage to the pipes caused by thermal expansion.
The circuits are designed for counter flow and the copper headers are fitted with relief valves, drain valves and PN 10 loose flanges (in accordance with EN 1092) made of aluminum (EN AC-47000 in accordance with EN 1706); flange PN16 (EN 1092), class 150 (ASME B16.5) or stainless steel (AISI 304, AISI 316) available on request.



Maintenance-free, external rotor axial fans. Protective grid compliant with EN ISO 13857. 3-phase input, nominal voltage 400V (±10%), frequency 50 / 60Hz.
Integrated PID control, RS485 MODBUS communications interface, volt-free contact for reading operating conditions and alarm states (motor and electronic overtemperature, mains voltage and phase failure, locked rotor protection), “soft start” function. Active analog output 10 VDC (max 10 mA).
Insulation class F; IP54 degree of protection (EN 60529).
Compliant with EC Standard EN 61800-5-1. Other homologation available on request.
Compliant with EC Directives 2004/108 EMC, 2006/95 LVD, 2009/125 ErP.
Power and sound pressure compliant with Standard EN 13487.
N.B.: the sound pressure level at a given distance is calculated in free field conditions, therefore it is merely indicative as it will be affected by the characteristics of the area where it is installed.
N.B.: EC electronic fans are not compatible with electrical systems with NEUTRAL isolated from ground (IT). Dedicated versions available on request.

Options & Accessories


  • industrial adiabatic systems (pads)
  • a.s. manager
  • ultraviolet lamp for adiabatic cooling system


  • pre-painted hydrophobic coating
  • pre-painted hydrophilic coating
  • thermoguard®
  • blygold®
  • electrofin®
  • heresite®